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DesignAsia 2021 is a three-day exhibition that gathers industry thought leaders and professionals to explore how design can bring about greater value and sophistication to products, broaden awareness and fuel the market for great design innovation catering to the built industry.

Visit the Creativ-Space Booth at H19, Design Asia 2021 show at Marina Bay Sands.


AntiCAD - Fabrix™

AntiCAD is a product design company founded in 2017 and is currently headquartered in Singapore. The name AntiCAD is an  antithesis to traditional CAD (Computer Aided Design), as we believe the future of product and architecture will be led by  computational design. Products designed by AntiCAD can be found in 24 countries, notably Fabrix™, Timberix™, and Polyx™. 


At Fabrix™, we pledge to create products that are smart and sustainable at the same time. We understand that the future of product and architecture will be shifting to a new paradigm based on reducibility, recyclability, reusability. It is with these values at heart, we  created Fabrix™. Traditional fabric acoustic panels are mostly one-time use. If the fabric gets soiled, the entire acoustic panel is  usually discarded. At Fabrix™, we plan to solve that. Our fabric system that uses proprietary polymer tracks to construct acoustic  panels. The tracks hold the fabric and the insulation in place to make acoustic panels. This means that if the fabric is damaged or  soiled, only the fabric should be replaced. The Fabrix™ framing system and the insulation will be reusable, and should last a life-time. 

As such, Fabrix™ tracks comes with life-time warranty to vouch our commitment to sustainability.

As seen at DesignAsia


Traditional acoustic panels are a single use item.  If the fabric on the panel gets dirty, the entire panel is  usually thrown out. At Fabrix, we want to change that.  Simply remove the stained fabric, replace with a new one,  and your acoustic panel is as good as new.


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