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Chopvalue was founded in 2016 (Vancouver, Canada) as a circular economy furniture and design company that uses the humble chopstick as a sustainable and reusable resource.

We urban harvest used chopsticks. Our resource is what others may view as waste – that means we don’t take virgin materials from our environment. Every chopstick is perfect, slender, and defect-free, making them ideal to develop an innovative engineered material. When designing products, our mindset has been circularity and longevity, this allows us to minimize our environmental impact while creating sustainable solutions engineered to last.

To date, our brand has recycled more than 38 million chopsticks from restaurants, businesses, and malls that otherwise would have ended up in the waste stream. In Singapore, restaurants throw out at least 500,000 disposable chopsticks every single day and little consideration is given to the single-use utensil that has traveled approximately 9,000 km (from China to Singapore) and served its purpose for only 20 minutes of a meal.

That is why we decide to do better. Currently, we are collecting from over 50 restaurant partners, hospitals, and offices in Singapore.

All our products help solve a local waste problem and they are handcrafted locally. This is truly a made in Singapore product!

Our brand is a certified B Corporation with a simple vision of building a carbon-neutral future, one chopstick at a time. To learn more, visit www.chopvalue.com.sg. or watch our story covered by Business Insider here.

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Who knew Sustainability could look so good?

Featured in publications such as Design Milk and Martha Stewart Living, our wall decor is designed to be versatile, providing gratifying lines and shapes to any blank canvas. What’s more? 

The chopsticks collected are transformed through a carbon neutral micro-manufacturing model and are reintroduced into society as durable engineered products, that are designed to last a lifetime.

We have over 50 SKUs that will be available in the market. This ranges from Homeware products such as Cheese boards to Office Furniture such as Home Office Desk. 

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