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DesignAsia 2021 is a three-day exhibition that gathers industry thought leaders and professionals to explore how design can bring about greater value and sophistication to products, broaden awareness and fuel the market for great design innovation catering to the built industry.

Visit the Creativ-Space Booth at H19, Design Asia 2021 show at Marina Bay Sands.

ipse ipsa ipsum


At ipse ipsa ipsum, we celebrate the people behind the brand, the unique materials we present and the craftsmanship we provide. The name reflects a tapestry of individuals, artisans and designers who collaborate across various disciplines to create individualised pieces that transform ordinary living spaces into extraordinary places.

Together we bring fine quality, sensibly priced, semi-luxurious handcrafted pieces to meet the evolving needs and desires of our customers. As a company, we are mindful of the materials we use, the processes and techniques we engage in from start to finish. 

Brand Sustainability

Beautiful things can be found in the most unexpected materials. Sustainability is a key aspect of our design philosophy at ipse ipsa ipsum. While the materials we use may be unorthodox to many, they actually make perfect sense from an environmental standpoint.

Every piece of furniture and artefact is a collaboration between the designer and artisan, from the drawing board to the final piece of creation. The designer is liberated from designing for mass consumption – instead, with their designs handcrafted by artisans working with unique materials, we are able to provide the artisan not only a continuing source of livelihood but also the opportunity to preserve their centuries-old craftsmanship.

We work with natural materials such as khadi cotton, natural stones, brass, and recycled bone.Our textiles are processed with non-toxic vegetable dyes, while our base materials are in stainless steel – an inherently sustainable material, which can be recycled an infinite number of times. Produced in limited quantities, each item is handcrafted and numbered to ensure its quality and traceability.

As opposed to mass-market brands, ipse ipsa ipsum designs can be customised to fit your space and need. Each piece feels bespoke – The item is perfectly designed for a real home based on the client usage and functional requirements as opposed to perhaps a computer-generated perspective, thus making them special and unique for generations to come ! 

In luxury sustainable designed furniture the quality and eco-friendliness of the materials matters – For example, glossy paper can’t be recycled; has the brand reused waste material ? We use our waste in design such as the Hendersen tables or the rugs made from off cut leather. Digital invoices mean paperless transactions ! 

Consolidation of orders and sea freight means low carbon foot prints and we avoid air freight. Small things like Brands which go for optimal vehicle utilisation in their supply chain over couriers , less of plastic and more use of natural biodegradable materials. 

As seen at DesignAsia

Henderson Coffee Table

The Henderson Coffee Table is part of a series of sustainable designs that uses off-cuts to create a unique pattern. Not only does it reduce our total output, it is also fitted with our self-watering Aqua Orb, the fuss-free solution to introduce greenery into your home.


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