Five storage systems for your next interior space

Every space needs a form of storage system in place to ensure that sentimental objects and work documents can be stored and organised neatly and efficiently. Whether it is an open concept walk-in wardrobe, or space-saving kitchen cabinets, Creativ-Space has picked out 5 examples of different storage systems for your next interior space. 


Tall Unit with 5 Baskets and Soft Closing Slides, by Excel Hardware

Talk about space-saving. As kitchens get smaller, this tall unit with 5 baskets is the solution to maximise storage given a limited area to play with. With its minimalist design, it is also fuss-free in maintenance. 

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OPSH® Ferano Wall storage system, by OPSH®

OPSH® Ferano Wall storage system presents an eye-catching emperador marble feature wall combining designated storage spaces for everyday needs. It was concealed by reflective dark tinted glass with sleek mat black trimmings to express the bold details of modern furniture.

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Trika Display Showcases, by Trika

Trika’s Display Showcases are fully demountable, modular showcase systems. It enables the construction of cases of any size or configuration to match changing of galleries and exhibition needs. This case systems have been adopted by leading museums, designers and architects who recognise the benefits of the modular system approach.

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Uno Pole System, by Ewins 

With its uncluttered form, Raumplus’ elegant UNO interior system can be customised to fit the size of any room and meet different storage requirements, making it possible to transform any space into the dream dressing space. Designed with an aluminium frame structure that holds brackets which can be variably positioned, the system can be fitted with hanging rods, drawers and shelves in various wood or glass materials. Its height-adjustable feet further allows for easy adjustments to compensate for uneven flooring and maintain the system’s stability.

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Bedroom Working Cabinet, by Fresh Look 

A trusted and reliable contractor established since 1990, Fresh Look does custom fit-outs for projects, taking care of the design, renovation, construction and maintenance. Having a custom-made Cabinet and desk where everything has its place is a dream. 

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2 September 2021