Spring Mattress for Single & Double Beds

At Creativ-Space, we understand that sourcing for spring mattresses from different manufacturers can be a complicated endeavour – particularly from the quality control standpoint. The lack of visibility into the manufacturer’s design practices and production processes can pose many unique challenges for a business. Not to mention, most manufacturers have little to no digital presence – which makes it all the more complex for one to source and connect with these players in the furniture trade.

This is precisely where Creativ-Space comes in.

Established with the goal of taking homegrown furniture expertise, capability and know-how into the region and internationally, Creativ-Space is a platform where a diverse group of furniture manufacturers and exporters from within ASEAN join forces for greater collaborations. Having made a mark in integrity, reliability and efficiency, let these players bring you spring mattresses with uncompromised quality and unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you are an architect, specifier, or an entrepreneur looking to dabble into the furniture business, tapping into our rich database is the most effective way to connect with the finest makers in the region.

Beyond conventional catalogues, Creativ-Space boasts several other distinguishing features – all of which set us apart from any other digital e-commerce platforms. These include:

Find Innovative Solutions for Urban Living

Engineered with the people in mind, the spring mattresses offered by our network of manufacturers and exporters offer great bounce with pressure-relieving support. From the choice of fabric to the viscoelasticity, craftsmanship and comfort were taken into account. Together with a robust selection of single and double-sized bed frames, finding a like-minded counterpart that meets all your quality requirements and understands your market as intimately as you do is made easy. Get a quotation on your preferred mattress range today.

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