Six office furniture to accelerate innovation in the workplace

AO12 workstation, by Ergoworld

Offices, and all the meaning that it entails, has shifted drastically as working from home has become the default practice globally in our fight against the coronavirus. As we continue to adapt, the office spaces are also reinventing themselves in new ways in which colleagues can connect with each other and spark creativity, even with the distance between us. Our latest curation showcases some of our brands’ products that will help accelerate innovation and be beneficial to collaboration. 

HAT (Height Adjustable Desk), by Genisys Office 

Ergonomics also takes into account the need for movement throughout the day. Office furniture has traditionally encouraged stiff, fixed postures and little movement. However, a balance between sitting and standing, can be aided with a HeightAdjustable desk, a proven way to combat the effects of sedentary workplace behaviour.

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Workstation – N Half, by Innoplan

The era of technology sees a new landscape of work driven by the flow of information. People are collaborating globally, empowered by digital networks. With its multiple functional modules, N Half series helps to organise the office into clusters of activity, fostering greater connection, creativity and productivity. It is a system certified by Singapore Green Building Council, that provide design solutions to create and inspire your workspace, makes working together more productive and pleasurable.

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Planscape, by Office Planner

The modular components of Planscape provide customers with countless options for the widest variety of office environments. When the needs of a company change, the configuration can be in adapted to new requirements simply by removing or exchanging the necessary modular elements. Technology has enabled people to work anywhere, anytime, requiring organizations to seek flexible, adaptable workspace solutions that accommodate mobile workers.

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Puzlo, by Ergoworld

A box shelving system that has a letter slot, numbering stickers on door, combination lock, as well as a shelf inside the box. For all your office needs.

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Training Chair – Flex 795, by IM Space

Flex, as it’s mean flexible design, support the users’ movement in training, meeting, educational and working environments. Available in an array of different options of mesh backrest, foam seat, writing pad, chairs can be easily stack and nest to create inspiration spaces within work places.

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Masca CS 121, by CS Seating

Masca cares for your spine. This series features an adjustable lumbar support that provides maximum support. The lumbar support is height and depth adjustable, this is to find the best position to support your posture.

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4 October 2021