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Bedroom Mirrors Perfect for Singapore Homes

Whether you are an interior designer or homeowner, it can be challenging trying to make a small room, like a bedroom, look larger. One way to overcome this problem is to elongate the space with a well-placed mirror. In Singapore, it is common to see such reflective pieces installed around the homes to create aesthetically pleasing abodes which look larger than they actually are.

Decorating with Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors can be one of the most versatile home accessories you can find. They elevate the home’s decor, bounce off light for a spacious look, and allow for the practical purpose of seeing your own reflection. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this multifaceted appliance is one of the hottest-selling products in the furnishing industry.

Here are some creative ideas on how a mirror can be installed in a small bedroom:

1. Mirrors for Decoration

A decorative mirror with complementing design elements can become a stunning piece in the bedroom. For example, a full length bedroom mirror made with light wood accents is a simple and elegant item which adds character to a Scandinavian-themed home. Or how about adding this Peranakan floor mirror to convert a plain room into a stunning art gallery?

2. Mirrors to Increase Visual Space

When working with tight spaces, it can be a good idea to install long mirrors along a wall or ceiling surface. If the logistics and cost of a very large piece of glass is deterring your client from taking the leap, you may also suggest hanging two coordinating mirrors on the walls instead to break up and enhance the visual space.

3. Inconspicuous Mirrors

At times, less is more – and this is especially true to homes which are small, and therefore likely to become cluttered. With a limited space, consider a wardrobe with full length mirrors on the sliding doors which can do wonders to make the bedroom look wider without adding more furniture into the room.

Source Bedroom Mirrors From Top Brands

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