Living in a Material World

Apr 2021
Furniture designers are often inspired by new materials, which enable new possibilities in creating objects. What are the latest developments in the material world, and how are they being harnessed
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28 Apr 2021

To Embrace and Evolve: Speaking to Emily Sim, Director of Panelogue & SUPERSTRUCTURE

A second-generation leader of the furniture industry, Emily Sim has been growing her two brands, Panelogue and Superstructure as an extension from NS Trading, her parent’s timber and engineered wood
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28 Apr 2021

Designing with a Diverse Mindset: Interview with Thinkk Studio

1.Can you share with us how Thinkk was started?  Since 2008, we have been working together as Thinkk Studio. Thinkk Studio began as a duo act. Our background as interior
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28 Mar 2021

Design Crusader of Hong Kong Culture & Heritage: Interview with Douglas Young of G.O.D./Hong Kong

A designer who is equally passionate about his art as much as he is about his home country. A patriot can show their love for their nation in many ways,
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06 Apr 2021

IM Space: Smart Solutions without Compromise

As technology advances, our demands on quality of life are increasing. Especially in the past year, the outbreak of coronavirus confined many people at home, making them pay more attention
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15 Mar 2021

ipse ipsa ipsum: Woven collection

THE BEAT OF A LOOM, THE HEARTBEAT OF A RURAL ECONOMY. Saurabh Mangla, Founder of ipse ipsa ipsum We worked with the weavers from the Ansari community in rural India
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10 Mar 2021

Timeless Luxury: A collaboration of KREYO Fabrics X Endra Mukti Design   

In Feb 2021, Endra Mukti Design released their fabulous new statement pieces, in collaboration with KREYO fabrics, the pieces are carefully made with detailed structure and curated materials. Coping with
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