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DesignAsia 2021 is a three-day exhibition that gathers industry thought leaders and professionals to explore how design can bring about greater value and sophistication to products, broaden awareness and fuel the market for great design innovation catering to the built industry.

Visit the Creativ-Space Booth at H19, Design Asia 2021 show at Marina Bay Sands.


Edupod is market leader in design, supply and distribution of children furniture, playgrounds, protections guards and locks to early childhood and primary education institutions in Singapore and Southeast Asia Region. We specialize in designing children’s spaces and making furniture that conform to safety requirements
and regulations of the SPARK accreditation framework. We pride ourselves with strict quality control in ensuring children’s safety during usage.

We have 10 years of experience in Centre renovation, MSD Room design and build, Resource Management room design and build, children’s furniture that combines functionality with durability, murals that beautify the physical environment, interactive games to aid in improving psychomotor skills and customized carpentry works that enhances the user’s experience.

As we move toward a sustainable future, we understand the need for fun and learning in a safe environment for our children. We aim to design sustainable furniture that it environmentally positive and durable. Efforts are put in to innovate our furniture designs along with our team of designers; through upskilling courses and adopting ecodesign strategies.

Through years of progressive exploration and prototyping, we aim to deliver value to our consumers though our furniture and learning resources, using eco-green materials, wood recycling and leveraging available technology such as mycelium that not only allow for interactive play and enhances the user’s experience. We also explore the use solar energy to incorporate within our learning resources. We pledge to do more by partnering with enterprises and educators for a more sustainable future for our children.

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Eco-friendly interactive toys

Our range of Eco-friendly toys are made with the concept of introducing young children to the circular economy of sustainability. Educators and parents begin by engaging children on growing mushrooms on kits (using mycelium technology) and recycling waste materials and understanding the process of how these eco-toys are being fabricated through play.

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