Playing their cards right: Q&A with EduPod

Learning through play is an important part of a child’s development as it stimulates brain development and helps the child’s communication and motor skills to mature. At Edupod, they believe in designing and creating environments to achieve this, bringing out the potential of every young mind. We speak to our newest brand on the block on the importance of what they do, and celebrate their achievement of being recognised by the Made with Passion initiative in Singapore.

Tell us about EduPod.

Edupod is the market leader in design, supply and distribution of children furniture, playgrounds, protection guards and locks to early childhood and primary education institution in Singapore and Southeast Asia region. 

We specialise in designing children’s spaces and making furniture that conform to safety requirements and regulations of the SPARK accreditation framework. We pride ourselves with strict quality control in ensuring children’s safety during usage.

With over 18 years of experience in early childhood furniture contract manufacturing and schools’ interior renovation, Edupod understands the need for fun and learning in a safe environment.  Our furniture and learning resources attest to time, that combines functionality with durability, sustainable design and eco-green materials that not only allows for interactive play and enhances the user’s experience. 

Congratulations on being a part of the prestigious Made with Passion brand. How do you feel about being a representative of Singapore design?

We are proud and thrilled to be part of the 64 new brands awarded with the Made with Passion brand mark. The learning environment and opportunities for children are endless, and we remain steadfast in creating delightful and sustainable toys and furniture that are locally designed and assembled.

Which product of yours do you feel best embodies Singaporean Design?

Our Made with Passion products! We understand the need for engaging and interactive play for children, and for that, our team envision the creative uses of mirror, and surfaces for tactile play. Edupod’s Merly Merlion design and Edupod’s Straits Math Play allows educators to introduce numeracy as well as allowing children on self-directed learning through facilitation and spark creativity and innovation through their senses.

Edupod’s Merly Mirror
Edupod’s Straits Math Play 


Are there any new product collections recently? How do you envision the products to interact with the users and the environment?

Playgrounds are more than giving children something fun to do! Our recent indoor playground installation encompasses multiple elements that allows children a safe, engaging and fun environment to learn. This instills a sense of relaxation and produce endorphins to keep them smiling all day.

Each element of the playground allows early childhood educators to introduce play that develops a child’s social and motor skills, and activities for children to begin exploration fuelled by their own curiosity! Along with social and physical growth, indoor play has significant benefits for children. This customised playground includes a Tic-Tac-Toe module where children will learn to apply logic and strategy to win the game. 

In addition, our playgrounds are coated with anti-microbial solution that creates a safer environment for children

Indoor Playground (Preschool)

What are some inspirations when designing your products?

Drawing on the present situation, we understand the need for engagement even while our children are at home. We want our products to have multiple usage and have the versatility to be used as learning aids, toys or even furniture. 

Our Art and Craft furniture for children doubles up as a storage and easel for children to begin their creative journey! The Double-Sided Easel with Cabinet uses high pressured laminates and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) trimming to adhere to SPARK safety standards required by ECDA. The 120cm height easel is perfect for children and features a clip holder for paper. 

Double sided Easel with Cabinet (Art and Craft)

How do you think your products fit into recent design trends?

We are constantly innovating our products to fit with recent pedagogy changes in early childhood learning. By allowing our products to be scalable, our products are designed with self-directed learning in mind, for children to achieve unlimited experience through creativity and purposeful play. 

In addition to staying abreast of Singapore’s pedagogical approaches, we are also mindful of our children’s health. Edupod’s furniture and surfaces are coated with an anti-microbial solution creating a safer environment for our children. 

How has having an in-house team design and build your projects benefitted EduPod? How do you keep informed of design trends?

Having an in-house design and build team, this not only allows for better communication internally and creating prototypes and improvements without delay. Our team of designers have a vested interest in creating sustainable and scalable designs for all our Edupod’s products. 

With the current pandemic, how has your products shifted in design/how has EduPod shifted its strategy in projects now?

Keeping in view of the continued disruptions that the pandemic has resulted, we look inwardly to maximise the capability of our craftsmen; we began upskilling our craftsman. Furthermore, we actively participated in Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for interior fit-out specialists. We are heartened to see our new talent embarking on his career journey with us! This move allows for more transferability of skillsets, and reduction of production time and cost. 

Moving forward, what will EduPod be looking forward to design-wise in the future?

We hope to create a Singapore Brand innovative product through constant R&D. Sustainable designs and inclusive environment will be our pillars and drivers looking forward. As a market leader in the industry, we are making efforts in reducing our carbon footprint and are looking to incorporating sustainability into our business strategy and practices.

All images are courtesy of EduPod.

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14 October 2021