About DesignAsia:
DesignAsia 2021 is a three-day exhibition that gathers industry thought leaders and professionals to explore how design can bring about greater value and sophistication to products, broaden awareness and fuel the market for great design innovation catering to the built industry.

Visit the Creativ-Space Booth at H19, Design Asia 2021 show at Marina Bay Sands.


We are a Singapore based wardrobe and cabinet fittings curator company, moving in silence to bring comfort to every home. KKPL helps you transform your ideas into contemporary solutions from day one, and supports you in discovering these solutions with a wide range of products, concise advice and a well-thought out approach, so that you can create furniture more functional and personalized to you.

We continue to innovate with new packaging formats designed to improve recyclability—notably with the use of recycled content.

As seen at DesignAsia

KKPL Chestnut Narrow Spice Pull-Out Basket

KKPL products are energy efficient, durable and usually require low maintenance. They’re often made from recyclable materials, and can be biodegradable and able to be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Aluminum products are non-toxic materials and LED products that reduced the used of energy for a required function.

This Pull-Out basket is made with recyclable material. Its high quality finishes ensures sustainability through product durability. Comes with friendly installation procedure.


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