Design Edition Project Feature: UNSPOKEN DIALOGUE: A collaboration between KREYO x Eugenio Hendro

This season, KREYO launches its debut collaboration with one of Indonesia’s prominent designers, Eugenio Hendro. Known for his inspiring and striking pieces, Eugenio captivates the creative industry once again with his works of art. KREYO and Eugenio Hendro are proud to present the Statement Pieces collaboration titled, “Unspoken Dialogue.”   

“We are honoured to be able to work with such a talented and passionate designer as Eugenio Hendro on the KREYO Statement Pieces collaboration,” said Vikesh Nanwani, Brand Director of KREYO Fabrics. “We believe each artist captures the character of the fabric in their own unique way, transporting its energy and incorporating it into their design pieces. We are very excited for this latest collaboration and are eager to share the collection with our audiences.”

The pieces are a creative blend of the dramatic textures of KREYO Fabrics and Eugenio’s contemplative state of mind. where he has transformed his feelings and state of mind into the objects. The collection mirrors the journey of self exploration, and is the result of a long conversation with one-self. 

The journey is shared in 3 chapters: Solitude, Self-Doubt and Tranquillity. Curated hues and intricate woven textures capture the nuances of this journey beautifully, resulting in pieces that can ease the mind and add a bit of a dramatic flair to any space.


Chapter 1, Solitude (Video)     


Chapter 2, Self-Doubt (Video)


Chapter 3, Tranquility (Video)





  • Managed by Amardeep Group, KREYO launched its first collection in February 2020. KREYO’s fabrics come in a beautiful array of curated designs and fine textures, covered in the perfect hues, making KREYO one of the best fashion-forward fabrics for those who seek serene and dramatic sceneries in an urban lifestyle. 


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20 September 2021