Europe Edition Interview: Kreyo

Tell us more about your brand.

KREYO is a textile brand that represents a strong character in designs, textures, covered in rich color palettes for those who seeks serene beauty in every scenery. 

In Feb 2020, KREYO released its 1st collection. Coined “Poetic Twist,” the collection shows dramatic textures and elements referencing beautiful culture in contemporary world. Available in natural summer hues such as pastel and sunsets as well as ethnic rhythm and exaggerated geo which complement the interior furnishing offerings. 

Crafted to evoke beautiful stories and conversation, the collections are filled with inspiring hues and dramatic elements, infused with nature, making a statement thru its way in becoming a fashion-forward brand in the industry.   

KREYO collections brings together a remarkable selection of furnishing pieces, highlighting the brand’s unique persona and aims to showcase & inspire beautiful living.  

Do you have best sellers/niche products in your brand?

Since we launched the Brand, the feedbacks were all positives, and we cannot really pinpoint which are the best sellers as each of the collections received a warm welcome from our business partners and each of the collections sells well. KREYO products are very fashion forward when it comes to design and textures and we are confident that our products will be able to fill the needs of both ID’s as well as end user itself. Another added value that we can highlight, what differentiate us from others is that the quality we maintained and services that we deliver. 


How do you assure quality in your products?

We are very selective on the core materials that we are making, from the fibre, yarn, and the design process of the collections. We also worked with prominent and high qualified manufactures with in-depth quality control throughout the process.

How do you think your brand can value add to the Euro market?

Our array of fabrics is very wide and made with finest materials, from plain to classic or modern, linen to leather, with a complete hue’s assortment, we are certain we can respond to any market preferences, not just Euro. 

What inspires you for the designs of your fabrics?

In general, we do a lot of research on what will be the trends, what are market preferences and combined it with our data on sales and merchandising. We always try to deliver the best to the market by providing the best materials and design that suited the market perfectly. But for Capsule Collection, we do a different kind of approach, we do a lot of travelling, observation on the surroundings and the inspirations may come from any, as Capsule Collection are made mainly for the artistic/ historical value instead of commercial.

7 February 2021