Europe Edition Interview: Sitra Global Pte Ltd

Tell us more about your brand.

Whilst Sitra does a lot of OEM, we have several brands under our portfolio.


Developed in 1997, it represents Sitra’s maiden effort in B2B brand development. The “Comcia” represents quality excellence and customer–oriented service

Under the Comcia brand, we provide a wide variety of high value wood products such as decking, flooring, fencing, door and window components and other moulded timber products. Each category of our wood-based products offer different designs, specifications and dimensions to suit the varying requirements of our customers.

Comcia Fences and Trellis


The “Pacific” range of brands was developed in 2003 as we embarked on a new segment of business-outdoor lifestyle furniture. The word Pacific, signifies peace and the feeling of being at one with nature.

Pacific Foldaway Bar and Folding Barstool


Do you have best sellers/niche products in your brand?

Our decking has always been our best-selling product. 

Our brand name ‘DecKING’ was born out of our vision to be the market leader in this niche segment, as our products gained momentum and popularity over the years. 

Sitra’s best seller: Decking by DecKING.


How do you assure quality in your products?

We take pride in delivering the highest quality products to our customers. To ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to such a standard, we perform audits on supplier capability and performance, with additional inspections on individual products for quality control before any shipments. 


How do you think your brand can value add to the Euro market?

We are beginning to see huge shifts in consumer demands and expectations, particularly in the area of ethical sourcing and sustainability. One way we are planning to value-add is the sustainability initiatives.

With more than 40 years of experience in the EU market, we are constantly growing and seeking new ways to improve on our brand, products, and services. Our stakeholders can expect to see us launching new initiatives as part of our commitment to shaping a more sustainable industrial ecosystem over the coming years. In striving to be more conscious in our business decisions and accountable to our stakeholders, we will also be making our progress against targets publicly available through our sustainability reports. 


Tell us more about your sustainability practises.

Sustainability forms a foundation across the Group’s business, touching every aspect of our strategy from what we do to how we do it. To be truly sustainable, which we believe this is an imperative, every decision must be made with an eye on our future. There is increasing attention to sustainable forestry hence ensuring sources of raw material are derived from sustainable supplies is a major concern which the company strives to maintain. In addition, the company is conscious about variable aspects, hence a focus on water and energy conservation as well as efficiency driven by experience and staff retention. We aim to promote a message of sustainability for the future and this will also ensure longevity and sustainability in the supply of hardwood. In addition, the Group has put in place a Responsible Wood Purchasing Programme to ensure that timber is sourced only from forests engaged in responsible forest management.

7 February 2021