Europe Edition Interview: Trika

Tell us more about your brand.

Trika is one of the world’s leading producers of museums showcases. Incorporating design-centric engineering with innovative craft capabilities, Trika is now the go-to specialist for challenging display projects around the world.

Turin Demountable Showcase System. Photo courtesy of Trika.

Do you have best sellers/niche products in your brand?

 Our Turin Demountable Showcase System has all the features of a permanent display case which can be assembled or dismantled in minutes. It’s modularity and versatility allow galleries to rapidly change their layouts and displays with ease.

Home Display Showcase. Photo courtesy of Trika.

How do you assure quality in your products?

Despite the global push to lower costs, Trika has perfected at least 70% of their parts production locally in Singapore. Case systems are designed and prototyped in-house with advanced 3-D engineering softwares. Our security and conservation production standards are rigorously tested by international third party laboratories.

Bella Bookshelf doubling up as a room divider. Photo courtesy of Trika.

How do you think your brand can value add to the Euro market?

Our maxim is to consistently produce the highest quality of international museum showcase products that can also be used for retail, homes, private collectors, exhibitions and temporary galleries. This versatility in our product design mindset allows Trika to craft endless possibilities and innovations throughout this wide spectrum of applications for markets anywhere.

7 February 2021