Ewins Product Feature – Parklex

UV and Moisture Resistant Natural Wood for Interior and Exterior Surfaces

Natural surface materials are always preferred over synthetic and repetitive materials for both residential and commercial projects wherever possible. With advances in material science, some natural materials that were traditionally not recommended for application in high humidity or high UV-exposure areas can now be used.

Distributed by Ewins Pte Ltd in Southeast Asia and Japan, Spanish brand Parklex offers the best timber surface materials for different applications and architectural typologies, be it for ventilated building facades, high traffic floors, walls and ceilings, acoustic spaces or flooring for terraces and swimming pools.  Made from natural wood and treated according to its applications, Parklex’s finishes are maintenance free, and used in cultural centres, airports, train stations, hotels, office buildings, and private homes.

Hy Tek Engineered Hardwood Flooring For Interiors

Parklex’s Hy Tek floors combine the virtues of the touch and warmth of natural timber with the technical requirements necessary for installation in residential spaces and high traffic environments.

Resistant To Humidity

With resins that protect the wood surface and a bakelite coating in its counterface, Hy Tek is a 100% moisture resistant floor, suitable for installation in areas with frequent contact with water.

Combined Widths

Four different board-widths allow for a more traditional and random look, created by mixing different widths.

Block Tek Composite Decking For Exteriors

Block Tek is a high-density composite decking for exteriors, extremely resistant to atmospheric changes in humidity and temperature, ideal for patios, walkways and outer perimeters of buildings.

Organic Texture

Each Block Tek board is unique. We make sure that the wood texture of the surface varies from one panel to another, in order to avoid repeated patterns in any composition.

Bespoke Decking

Block Tek decking is available in 3 standard widths: 130, 198 and 300 mm. However, we offer the possibility of creating bespoke decking by cutting Block Tek panels in both straight and curved shapes, and to combine several finishes in one composition.


Parklex Façade For Exteriors

In Great World City’s recent enhancement works, Parklex Façade – natural wood for exterior cladding – was applied on the exterior of the mall to give the building a new look.

Fire Resistant, UV-Stable and No Maintenance

Parklex Façade is a high-density stratified timber panel treated with resins thermoset under high pressure and temperature, then finished with natural timber veneers highly resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric agents. These non-combustible cladding panels are fire resistant, UV-stable and require no maintenance.

UV Resistant

Known for its capability of resisting harsh weather conditions, Parklex Façade also comes with Everlook, a special overlay that dramatically improves the durability, UV resistance and colour stability of the panels. These qualities eliminate the need for any maintenance and treatment.

Parklex Façade F has also obtained the Certificate of Conformity in Singapore which guarantees the product’s fire safety by reducing the risk of damage caused by accidental fire due to the nature of the project, construction and use of the building.

Under the Classification of composite panel, Parklex Facade falls under Class 0 – permitted for use on external walls under Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) fire code. In addition, Parklex Façade is also tested according to the European standard EN 13.501 regarding reaction to fire, obtaining the best results possible for organic materials.

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4 October 2021