Ecodo G3 GU10

The Ecodo G3 Gu10 bulb power at 6watt, 480 lumen each, uses our third-generation driver technology to power the COB led chip in the bulb. The small and compact bulb uses our latest aluminum heatsink blades and industrial-grade thermal paste for the led chip. We used a unique high-density filling of micronized silver and enhanced thermally conductive ceramic particles to cool and reduce the COD chip temperature to prolong the life span of the bulb. A 120-degree angle is being cast from the side to form a soft warm glow and a strong fish-eye lens can be seen at the front of the bulb to give it a focused 40 degree casting to down to the floor or your wall painting. The bulb also has a different color temperature option, multi-color temperature, and dimming options cater to your needs

BY Zenterra Lighting

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