JotterGoods-Hanger Dining Table

The A'Design Award-winning table that is distinctively recognisable and true to the JotterGoods brand ethos. The design project took inspiration from the designer's exploration of an old but operational military hangar during his military service in Singapore. It was a large building with an extensive floor area used for housing military vehicles and aircraft. Viewing from the hangar's entrance, the utilitarian space had sturdy pillar support structures connected to seemingly endless trusses that hold the roof. The vast space evoked a sense of humility and awe. Charmed by the space, the designer took the hangar as a reference and expressed its characteristics to the table design. The interpretation process from the hangar to the table was natural. Similar to a hangar, a table is structural and constructed to bear weight above. The end result is a table that is rough, distinct and beautiful. Producing the table involves artisans of various production disciplines. Woodworkers, Welders and Glaziers are meticulous so as to ensure quality excellence. Materials used to make the hangar table are ethically sourced and woods are certified to be from sustainable sources. The table is formed in 3 knock-down parts, a steel chassis, 4 wooden legs and a glass top. The steel chassis designed to be strong, it is the centrepiece that holds everything together. The base legs are designed for stability, made from large solid ash wood blocks with adjustable stubs. Detailed on the solid wood blocks is the brand's burn marked logo and custom- lathed brass washers.

BY Star Furniture

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