Six textures and materials to provide visual inspiration for your projects

From floor mirrors inspired by Peranakan tiles to high-quality laminate panels that would easily elevate any interior, our latest curation highlights some of the interesting and unique products that could transform and enliven any space.

Customized Ceiling Panel, by Dynaflex & Talent 

There is no limits to your ceiling design. Dynaflex is able to unleash your creativity and to provide you the extraordinary daring ceiling design ideas to meet your expectation.

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Mocha Cambric, by Neupanel

Influenced by adventurous travels, the woven print on Mocha Cambric uplifts walls and bespoke furniture from functional to engaging interior details which forms a beautiful and personal narrative.

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Polyx™ Tessellate, by AntiCAD

Polyx™ Tessellate consists of three pyramidal faceted geometries – Kite, Tri, and Hex. By omitting faces and blending panels of different colours, they can be modularly tiled in various ways to form aesthetically intricate designs. Procedural generation is used to tessellate these across the surface creating organic pseudo-random designs, and can also be used to produce complex fractal patterns. The polyester panel is made by a process of tumbling, needle punching, and baking low and high melting point polyester fibres. The high density fibrous network absorbs sounds and reduces reverberation.

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Castro Lighting – Galilei Pendant Light, by D’Sol 

Following Galileo’s cognomen of the “father of observational astronomy” and the idea of the sun being the leading figure of the solar system as all planets move around the golden star, Galilei suspension has rotating rings spinning around the light in the center that shimmer through the Swarovski crystals. This bold statement piece is ideal for interior design projects that aim to leave a strong impression. The unique mix of details is a guarantee that eyes will stop to contemplate while crossing this piece. Galilei is the perfect fit for contemporary interior designs that combine strong pieces in a harmonious interiors décor.

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Amethyst Quartz 13.5” Pocketed Spring Mattress, by MaxCoil 

Amethyst Quartz is engineered with the robust combination of Belgium natural latex and high resilience latex foam to provide firm yet comfortable support to the most demanding of sleepers. Breathable natural latex offers excellent air circulation and a cooler sleep surface while resilient latex foam promotes natural spine alignment and cushioning relief for pressure points. Bolstered with MaxCoil’s Nested Encapsulated Coil system, experience all-over even support for an undisturbed and peaceful night’s sleep.

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Peranakan Floor Mirrors, by ipse ipsa ipsum

Inspired by the Peranakan heritage, this full-length mirror is meticulously handcrafted with coloured bone inlay pieces. The flower-shaped frame is fully rotateable, making it easy to conceal the mirror when not in use. Available in different bone inlay colours and metal finishes to suit your style, this mirror is truly a reflection of cultural appreciation and good taste.

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20 September 2021