Fully Customisable Retail Back Wall Showcase / Cabinet

You may highlight your store's finest merchandise with our fully customisable retail Back Wall Showcase / Cabinet. We can design wall showcase / cabinet to suit your products, space or brand concept. The Back Wall may be fitted with glass shelvings, puck wall system, slat rail system, etc. Storage shelvings, drawers and cabinets can be all customised to suit your needs. There is also option to illuminate your brand with logo light boxes and to adverstise your brand's latest concept with visual light boxes. The exterior finish is customised to your needs with options for High Gloss Polyurethane & PU spray paint, Natural Veneer, Engineered Lamination, Natural Solid Wood, Metal Finishing, Glazed Finishing, etc. The display Retail Back Wall can be designed to match almost any store fixture within your retail store. Feel free to talk to us to let your merchandise be showcased in style!

BY DMX Projects

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