Fully Customisable Tempered Glass Showcase Tower

This retail tempered glass showcase tower allows you to showcase your most valuable items on the top while storing additional items in the bottom cabinet. The tempered glass is made with a frameless design so that your treasured items may be viewed from all angles without obstruction. It can be added on with LED strip or stand light to illuminate the treasured items to bring out the shine in them and let them be the showpiece in any location. The glass display section and bottom cabinet are also secured with lock so that items are kept with peace of mind. The material used and exterior of the cabinet is customised to client's needs with options for High Gloss Polyurethane & PU spray paint, Natural Veneer, Engineered Lamination, Natural Solid Wood, Metal Finishing, Glazed Finishing, etc. Brand logo may also be displayed on the tower with backlit effect.

BY DMX Projects

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